Kualoa Field School


Role: Design + Identity

Kualoa Field School is an archaeology summer program on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. I helped with branding, website design and website build.

It's an expensive program (about $1400 per student) and we needed to make a strong case for why students should sign up. The program needed to look academically serious, but also look like fun and interesting to the target audience: 18-22 year old archaeology students.

Our first appeal highlighted the sense of adventure. The idea that this could be an escape from the ordinary (i.e. the library). Compelling outdoor photography helped show off the beautiful part of Oahu where the program takes place.

Since students are also serious-minded young academics, they would naturally expect the program to look and sound professional. To give a sense of this, I used a conservative serif logotype, with neat, conventional typography and page layout.

Lastly, a major draw card for the program is Hawaii’s rich cultural backdrop. Hawaiian culture today, especially in this part of Oahu, overlaps beautifully with the age-old traditions of fishing. The iconic Hawaiian fishhook was the perfect symbol to tie together old and new strands of Hawaiian culture, and references the pre-contact lifestyle of early Hawaiians, as well as present-day fishing traditions.

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